A great education will lay the foundation for a successful future. Knowing the options to pay for your great education at Plymouth State is important.

More than 90% of our undergraduate students receive some kind of merit- or need-based aid. 澳门银银河澳门经济援助小组 can help you with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and assist you with additional options including scholarships, grants, and loans. Please note that in accordance with NCAA Division III rules, Plymouth State does not offer athletic scholarships.

Covering educational costs is often the first significant exposure many students have to financial responsibility. 澳门银银河澳门学生金融服务队 我能帮您了解一下您的账单吗, 提供有关付款计划的信息, and work with you to get any outside scholarships or agency payments credited to your account.

We know you’re here to achieve your highest potential. 澳门银银河澳门的 金融援助 and Student Financial 服务 Teams are here to help you make that happen.



谁有资格? 2022年6月30日前有贷款余额的学生. Any new loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2022, aren’t eligible for debt relief. 其他规则也适用于合并贷款. 父母 with eligible loans of their own, including parent PLUS loans, can submit their own 学生贷款债务减免申请.

我怎么证明我有佩尔助学金? Students won’t need to provide proof of a Pell Grant when they apply, but can find out if they received one by logging in to StudentAid.访问“我的援助”网站.”  Students don’t need to take any additional action. 一旦他们提交申请, the Department of Ed will check their records to confirm students’ Pell Grant and additional relief eligibility.

更多有关 联邦学生贷款债务减免计划 可以通过参观找到吗 StudentAid.政府 或联络你的 联邦贷款服务机构.

We understand that these are difficult and stressful times as we are all experiencing challenges like never before.  PSU Student Financial 服务 wants to assist you in any way that we can.  Here are a few things to know in regards to requesting additional financial assistance:

的re are two different types of appeals for additional funding; Professional Judgments and 额外的资源.

  1. 专业判断上诉 are for special circumstances that impacts the information that is directly reported to the FAFSA which is used to determine financial aid eligibility. 这些情况包括, 但并不局限于, 失业, 收入变化, a change in the number in the household or college, and death of a parent that was reported on the FAFSA.If your family has experienced one of the above situations and it was not already taken into account on the FAFSA information, you may be eligible to submit documentation to have your aid eligibility reviewed.的 information on the 2022-2023 FAFSA is looking at your 2020 federal tax information.  If your current income will be significantly different from what was reported, 这可能会有所不同.


** 的 change would need to make a significant decrease to the Expected 家庭 Contribution (EFC) that is calculated by the FAFSA information, to identify any additional federal or university financial aid.

** Part of this review process is to verify the original data reported, 所以如果这个信息是不准确的, EFC有可能会增加, therefore leading to a decrease in eligibility for financial aid.

** We will not review for 失业 until a minimum of 10 weeks have passed since the last date of employment.

  1. 额外的资源 is a request to ask for additional assistance to pay your tuition bill with PSU. 的se types of appeals are outside of the FAFSA information and should only be used as a last resort when all other options are exhausted.  这类援助需要考虑, a parent must have applied for and been denied the Federal Parent PLUS loan, as well as the student and/or parent be unable to secure a private educational loan. 的 application to request additional resources for the 2022-2023 can be found at http://plymouth.tfaforms.net/308915

Please contact  Student Financial 服务 if you feel that you meet the requirements for either type of appeal or would like more information.

定位陈述 — 的 same Student Financial 服务 and 金融援助 presentation you saw at orientation —  here for your reference.

家庭访问 -因为联邦法规, without your authorization we are not allowed to discuss specifics of your bill with 任何人 除了学生(甚至不知道该付多少钱).  家庭访问 is a quick and easy way for you to grant us permission to discuss your bill with others, and allow family members to set up their own myPlymouth account to view your online bill as well as any other areas you have granted them access to.

的PSU优先截止日期 FAFSA 是3月1日

您是否要求发送文件给澳门银银河澳门? 请使用以下安全连结:

http://nextgensso2.com/sp/startSSO.平?PartnerIdpId = http://secureauth.普利茅斯.edu/SecureAuth47&SpSessionAuthnAdapterId = PlymouthDF&TargetResource 3 = http % % 2 f % 2 fdynamicforms.ngwebsolutions.com%2fSubmit%2fStart%2fc04b8df4-0727-43b4-843f-20be4a0655c1

访问 http://dynamicforms.ngwebsolutions.com ,并按“创建新帐户”连结.

  • 定位陈述 — 的 same Student Financial 服务 and 金融援助 presentation you saw at orientation —  here for your reference.
  • 你对FAFSA申请有什么问题吗? 的 教育部的家庭教室网站 是一个很好的资源.
  • 联邦学生资助 教育部申诉专员 helps resolve disputes and solve other problems with federal student loans. Please do not hesitate to contact them  should you feel they can be of assistance.电话:1-877-557-2575
    P.O. 1843箱

PSU in accordance with Federal and State laws and regulations, 不存在种族歧视吗, color, 宗教, 国家的起源, 性, 退伍军人身份, 性ual preference or handicap in admission or access to, treatment of or employment in its programs or activities. Inquiries regarding this policy should be made to the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, 澳门银银河澳门, 普利茅斯NH 03264或民权办公室, 华盛顿特区20201.